What do you like to do for fun? Where do you go on a frequent basis? Lake Georgetown, the Blue Hole, the Square to shop? These are important questions to help me help you determine which area is the best for your lifestyle. I have lived in Williamson County for 26 years now and can help you find the extra space you need for a garden or easy access to the main roads so you can take off and travel whenever you like. My husband and I are snow skiers. It is important that we have room in our house for our equipment so we can gather it from one place and take off at a moment’s notice to go skiing. What is important to you?

Lets take a moment to talk about how you would like to pay for your new home. Not everyone can pay with cash, nor should they. That is between you and your financial adviser. Yet there are some instances where even if you are not a first time home buyer a mortgage makes the most of your dollar.

Below is a Mortgage Calculator for you to play with. When you are ready, I can recommend a few different loan officers or banks from which you can get a very accurate quote and a pre-qualification letter. This letter is the first step in the home buying process. It determines what you can afford. What you are comfortable paying is another number and is usually lower than what you can afford. When you have sat down with a loan officer and provided them all of the documentation requested, we will receive a Pre-Approval letter. This letter is what will be attached to any offer you make on a home. It is your “Cash”. The letter can be generated for the amount you wish to offer and not any more than that. (Not any more than you are approved for as well.) This Pre-Approval Letter will give your offer strength. It tells the Seller and the other Agent that you have already applied for a mortgage and only need to find a home to seal the deal.

Play around with the Mortgage Calculator and when you are ready to move, give me a call.

Tracy Hinterman, CRS, GRI

512-630-4719  or thinterman@gmail.com

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