How to match up what you love to where you live.

What do you need in a home and what do you want in a home. 

Are you a world traveler and need a place to just drop your things and take off for the next trip? Then a low maintenance home or a condo might be the best idea for your lifestyle. Town homes offer built in garages and a small patio or patch of grass for your dog. Or, do we need to look for a place for you to park your RV?

Are you an on the go Adventure Seeker? Geocache all over the State Parks with your kids? Like to fish, run, hike, camp? Then lets look for a place that offers you more storage than most. Or figure out ways you can organize your adventure gear so you can grab it and go! Plus you will need lots of wall space to hang photos of your adventures. Maybe even a vaulted ceiling so you can install that rock climbing wall you always wanted. Yes, I have seen this and it is brilliant.

If you are sewer, crafter, scrapbooker, then you will need a dedicated area to spread your hobby out and be able to close the door to the room when you are done for the day.

Gamers – see my Blog on Virtual Reality Rooms.  This is the new reality of how games will be played. HoverJunkers is the perfect example being their system will be entirely wireless and the game will not be available on a computer, only on optical headgear.

DIY’er, woodworker, mechanic? Lets talk garages. I am married to a backyard mechanic (our extra garage is in the backyard) and I am an avid welder and woodworker. Been building cabinets, furniture and remodeling houses for over 25 years. Garages are extremely important. Do you want to put your cars in them or your projects?

All of these options are extremely important to me. All houses are not the same. Some folks do not need the formal dining and some must have a theater that is sound proof as can be. I can help you find these quality features in your dream lifestyle home.

Please give me a call and lets make your dream home into a reality!

Tracy Hinterman, CRS, GRI


Picking a home for your lifestyle

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