7 things you really need to do before you put your home on the market.

Each one of these items has cost the seller a valuable buyer on their home. This can be avoided by simply being prepared.

  1. Have a professional tune up your A/C – Furnace.  Knowing the condition of your heating-cooling system is a bonus. You can provide the receipt during inspection that you just had it tuned up. This is a huge peace of mind for both yourself and the buyer. It is not a guarantee it will keep working forever, just that it has been maintained and is in working condition. If your system is on it’s last leg, consider replacing it before you put your home on the market. Advertising you have a new air conditioner/furnace is a large bonus and you will reap the monetary rewards in the end with a better offer.
  2. How old is your roof? If your roof has been through hail storms, is the original roof on your 15 year old house, missing shingles or you notice spots on the ceiling inside the home, time to have it inspected and possibly replaced.  An old or damaged roof will cost you a great buyer for your home. I have seen many times where the Buyer’s insurance won’t insure the current roof and the seller has to replace it at the last minute. This is a huge stress on everyone and can be avoided with a pre-inspection.
  3. Detail your landscaping. Curb appeal is a golden ticket. Your first impression may have been the photo’s on the internet. When the Buyer actually drives up to your home, you need them to say ‘yes’ before they even get out of their car. Plant a couple of flats of flowers, lay down some fresh mulch, and grass if you need to. Test the sprinkler system and repair any broken heads. Ah your fence. If it needs attention or replacement, please take care of this now.
  4. Your front door should standout like a man’s tie under a great suit.  If your front door needs some paint, a face lift or replacing please consider doing this before the photo shoot of your home. Remodeling Magazine 2016 Cost vs. Value report states that you will receive a 91.1% return on your money for replacing your front door if it is needed. A fantastic paint or stain job will also increase your sale.
  5. A quick word about paint colors. As long as the house look freshly painted, the colors don’t always have to be neutral. Some of the fastest homes to sell have wonderful color pallets. The key is the walls look like they were done by a pro. Pristine.  If your exterior paint job is fading or peeling, you will need to have it painted for a top dollar sale. Interior walls as well if they show the daily wear of life like a badge.  If you have concerns about your colors, wait until I walk through with the professional stager. They will let me know if we need to paint a wall or two to get the house model home ready.
  6. Clutter, pictures, toys and pets.  How you live in a home and sell a home are very different. When I list your home for sale I always use a professional home stager and a professional photographer.   The stager will go through the home and depersonalize the house. Re-arrangement of furniture, decluttering rooms, bookcases, closets, countertops is all apart of the process. Your home will show like a model home when they are finished. Sometimes it is necessary to bring furniture in to complete the process. During this time it is best if the kids are at school and any pets are contained.  It is also very helpful if you have boxes all taped up and ready to be loaded. Everyone is surprised at how well their home shows in the pictures on the internet after the stager and photographer have come through. It is also very important to keep the house super clean and staged during the entire selling process.
  7. Clean everything. Including the windows. Now is the time to make everything sparkle. The photographer will be coming to take the pictures right after you have the house spotless. I can recommend help if you need it.

Congratulations if you made it through this list! Yes it is daunting and hard work. It might have even cost you some money to complete it. Be assured, you are now one step closer to moving into YOUR dream lifestyle home. It will be worth it.

Give me a call if you need any help or have any questions. I am ready to work for you!

Tracy Hinterman, CRS, GRI

512-630-4719   thinterman@gmail.com

7 Ways to Make More Money on the Sale of Your Home

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